NanoFeed™ Liquid & Suspension Feeders

Nano Scale, Fine Micron or Sub Micron Delivery

The Mettech NanoFeed™ Models 750 / 350 Suspension Feeders are designed to deliver nano scale, fine micron or sub micron powders to thermal spray coating equipment. Utilizing Mettech's experience in ultra-fine powders and nano-engineered coatings, all aspects of the suspension delivery, such as flow rate and injection pressure, are precisely controlled.

The NanoFeed system has been engineered for use in thermal spray to produce nano structured coatings for emerging nano materials as well as established industrial applications to produce high performance surfaces. It delivers a stable, pulse-free suspension stream, to achieve repeatable, high quality coatings.


  • suspension powders from 10nm to 10µm
  • mass flow control of suspension feed
  • graphical flow rate and operator display
  • stand alone suspension feed unit, or integrated into plasma torch control unit
  • in tank agitation

Mettech's Liquid Suspension Feeder is a fully automatic computer controlled system for delivering nano or fine powder suspensions for coating applications.


  • stability: the closed loop system has mass flow control of the suspension feed and atomizing gas providing very stable feedback control
  • precise feed rate: up to 0.5 l/min at a suspension concentration up to 40%
  • robust design: stainless steel construction, corrosion resistant and explosion proof (industrial and development models available depending on your needs)
  • automation: automatic start up, washing cycles and sequential shut down operation
  • flexible powder size: powder size ranging from 10 nanometers to 10 microns

Award-Winning Design

The Mettech NanoFeed system was chosen by SmallTimes as Best of Small Tech Micro / Nano Tool in 2007.

The NanoFeed Suspension Feeders enable ultrafine powders to be fed into the Axial III torch to achieve nano structured coatings with enhanced properties. Nano engineered coatings with superior properties can now be applied with high precision at industrial scale as a cost effective alternative process to EBPVD.

Closed-loop control is included for stand-alone operation or for integration with existing Axial III controllers. A standard interface is provided for operation with the Mettech Axial III plasma torch system.

All Mettech equipment is designed to operate in harsh industrial environments.

Backed by 15 Years of Plasma Coatings Experience

The NanoFeed systems are supported by Mettech's 15 years experience in the application and development of plasma-deposited industrial coatings for specific customer requirements.