Abradable Coatings

Increased Efficiency & Cost Savings

Abradable coatings are used in the aerospace and turbo-machinery industry to increase efficiency and fuel savings in various rotating applications. Axial III abradable coatings can be applied with consistent quality at high feed rate and deposition efficiency.

Tests performed on most commonly used abradable material  (AlSiPoly) have shown that increase of Axial III feed rates to 200 g/min had no detrimental effects on microstructure of the coating.

Axial III deposition efficiencies vary slightly with brands of AlSiPoly powders but are routinely within 80% - 90% range as opposed to conventional range of 50% - 60%.

Mettech has developed a high power Axial III ID torch for spraying abradable coatings onto internal surfaces of turbine parts.  Axial III ID sets the new standard for internal surface plasma spraying with ability to continuously spray inner diameters as small as 330 mm with efficiencies even higher than those quoted above.

Axial III AlSiPoly abradable coating Axial III AlSiPoly abradable coating