Chrome Replacement & Wear Coatings

Higher Feed Rates & Deposition Efficiencies

Significant attention has recently been given to the chrome replacement industry. HVOF technology has been adopted as the technology of choice in manufacture of cermet coatings. However, there are many chrome replacement applications that can benefit from utilization of Axial III. 

In cases when lower than HVOF hardness of the coating is acceptable Axial III benefits include:

  • high deposition efficiency = powder savings
  • high spray rates = short manufacture time and higher throughputs

Chromium replacement coatings of the highest interest for which Axial III parameters have been developed include, but are not limited to, WC-Co, Cr3C2-NiCr, Stainless Steel, and NiCrBSi.  All of these materials can be sprayed with the Axial III at substantially higher feed rates and deposition efficiencies than with traditional plasma or HVOF systems.

High Hardness & Low Porosity

Similarly to Chrome replacement, wear resistant coatings are based on Carbide materials and their preferred way of deposition is HVOF. Mettech's Axial III Plasma Torch fitted with correct nozzle can reach supersonic velocities of plasma gas and particle velocities comparable to those of HVOF. Consequently, good quality wear resistant coatings with high hardness and low porosity can be achieved, but at much higher deposition efficiencies and rates. 

Carbide materials can be easily misapplied by end users unfamiliar with the various types of Carbides and their specific applications. Mettech has years of experience in development of various Carbide coatings and can assist customers in selecting the best carbide chemistry for a specific application.

Axial III - Tungsten Carbide - 12% Cobalt at Varying Flows of Plasma Gas

Run 2100: 275 L/min; DE 80+%; HV300 1072 Run 2100: 275 L/min; DE 80+%; HV300 1072 Run 2099: 300 L/min; DE 75+%; HV300 1070Run 2099: 300 L/min; DE 75+%; HV300 1070
Run 2098: 325 L/min; DE 70+%; HV300 1159Run 2098: 325 L/min; DE 70+%; HV300 1159 Run 2097: 350 L/min; DE 82+%; HV300 1159Run 2097: 350 L/min; DE 82+%; HV300 1159