Papers & Presentations

Open Access Papers

Below are open access papers that include use of the Axial III torch in coating development.

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Thermal Barrier Coatings & Environmental Barrier Coatings

  • Jonnalagadda, K.P., Mahade, S., Kramer, al.Failure of Multilayer Suspension Plasma Sprayed Thermal Barrier Coatings in the Presence of Na2SO4 and NaCl at 900°C.J Therm Spray Tech 28, 212–222 (2019).
  • Aranke, O., Gupta, M., Markocsan, N. et al. Microstructural Evolution and Sintering of Suspension Plasma-Sprayed Columnar Thermal Barrier Coatings. J Therm Spray Tech 28, 198–211 (2019).
  • Ekberg, J., Ganvir, A., Klement, U. et al. The Influence of Heat Treatments on the Porosity of Suspension Plasma-Sprayed Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Coatings. J Therm Spray Tech 27, 391–401 (2018).
  • Gupta, M., Markocsan, N., Li, al.Influence of Bondcoat Spray Process on Lifetime of Suspension Plasma-Sprayed Thermal Barrier Coatings.J Therm Spray Tech 27, 84–97 (2018).
  • Markocsan, N., Gupta, M., Joshi, S. et al. Liquid Feedstock Plasma Spraying: An Emerging Process for Advanced Thermal Barrier Coatings. J Therm Spray Tech 26, 1104–1114 (2017).
  • Jonnalagadda, K.P., Mahade, S., Curry, N. et al. Hot Corrosion Mechanism in Multi-Layer Suspension Plasma Sprayed Gd2Zr2O7 /YSZ Thermal Barrier Coatings in the Presence of V2O5 + Na2SO4 . J Therm Spray Tech 26, 140–149 (2017).
  • Mahade, S.; Curry, N.; Björklund, S.; Markocsan, N.; Joshi, S. Durability of Gadolinium Zirconate/YSZ Double-Layered Thermal Barrier Coatings under Different Thermal Cyclic Test Conditions. Materials 2019, 12, 2238.
  • Ganvir, A.; Joshi, S.; Markocsan, N.; Vassen, R.; Tailoring columnar microstructure of axial suspension plasma sprayed TBCs for superior thermal shock performance. Materials and Design 144 (2018) 192–208.
  • Ganvir, A.; Markocsan, N.; Joshi, S. Influence of Isothermal Heat Treatment on Porosity and Crystallite Size in Axial Suspension Plasma Sprayed Thermal Barrier Coatings for Gas Turbine Applications. Coatings 2017, 7, 4.
  • Vaßen, R.; Bakan, E.; Gatzen, C.; Kim, S.; Mack, D.E.; Guillon, O. Environmental Barrier Coatings Made by Different Thermal Spray Technologies. Coatings 2019, 9, 784.
  • Zhou, D.; Guillon, O.; Vaßen, R. Development of YSZ Thermal Barrier Coatings Using Axial Suspension Plasma Spraying. Coatings 2017, 7, 120.
  • Uczak de Goes, W., Somhorst, J., Markocsan, N. et al. Suspension Plasma-Sprayed Thermal Barrier Coatings for Light-Duty Diesel Engines. J Therm Spray Tech 28, 1674–1687 (2019).
  • Uczak de Goes, W., Markocsan, N., Gupta, M., Vaßen, R., Matsushita, T., Illkova, K., Thermal barrier coatings with novel architectures for diesel engine applications Surface & Coatings Technology 396 (2020) 125950.
  • Tarasi, F.; Alebrahim, E.; Dolatabadi, A.; Moreau, C. A Comparative Study of YSZ Suspensions and Coatings. Coatings 2019, 9, 188.

Wear, Corrosion, Bio, Other

  • Goel, S.; Björklund, S.; Curry, N.; Govindarajan, S.; Wiklund, U.; Gaudiuso, C.; Joshi, S. Axial Plasma Spraying of Mixed Suspensions: A Case Study on Processing, Characteristics, and Tribological Behavior of Al2O3-YSZ Coatings. Appl. Sci. 2020, 10, 5140.
  • Mahade, S.; Narayan, K.; Govindarajan, S.; Björklund, S.; Curry, N.; Joshi, S. Exploiting Suspension Plasma Spraying to Deposit Wear-Resistant Carbide Coatings. Materials 2019, 12, 2344.
  • Gopal, V.; Goel, S.; Manivasagam, G.; Joshi, S. Performance of Hybrid Powder-Suspension Axial Plasma Sprayed Al2O3—YSZ Coatings in Bovine Serum Solution. Materials 2019, 12, 1922.
  • Ganvir, A.; Björklund, S.; Yao, Y.; V. S. S. Vadali, S.; Klement, U.; Joshi, S. A Facile Approach to Deposit Graphenaceous Composite Coatings by Suspension Plasma Spraying. Coatings 2019, 9, 171.
  • Aghasibeig, M., Tarasi, F., Lima, R.S. et al. A Review on Suspension Thermal Spray Patented Technology Evolution. J Therm Spray Tech 28, 1579–1605 (2019).